Valentine's Dates

Valentine's Dates - Rhian Cahill 3,75 stars

Another great short novella from Rhian Cahill and Escape Publishing! Loved Brent and Vee and I hope there'll be a novella for Morgan too in the future as this hottie chef deserves a HEA too!

Fave Quotes:
Brent watched as she struggled to lower the zipper on her dress. With a groan, he reached for her again. Clenching his jaw, he fought the urge to touch her while he helped her strip bare. Creamy white skin was revealed inch by inch as the fabric parted. From neck to arse, every ridge of her spine beckoned his lips.

Brent moved with her, thrusting up as she pushed down, and captured her mouth with his once more. This kiss wasn’t gentle. His tongue lashed out, invading her mouth with wicked intent and demanding her surrender.
Except she didn’t want to give. She wanted to take. Needed to crawl inside him, have him crawl inside her until the raking need was sated. Groaning, she dragged her mouth from his and bit his chin.