Famously Engaged

Famously Engaged - Robyn  Thomas 3,5 stars

I instantly liked Beth. She's funny, stubborn and outspoken. Jake has awesome dead-pan sense of humor but he's also a tad bossy and overbearing and expects people to comply with his every wish. Loved how Beth gave him a run for his money and doesn't take his crap and wouldn't fall at his feet in awe.

The marriage lottery spiel and newspaper article was a little farfetched and Beth's reaction to it was spot-on. Despite my trouble with the set-up I was soon intrigued by the sweet romance developing between Jake and Beth. The more I got to know them the more I saw two lonely, genuinely good people finding each other on multiple levels.

The slow-paced and rocky start threw me a bit but I can say I really enjoyed this contemporary romance. It was humorous and the love scenes were beautiful, and they fit the characters and the story perfectly.

Fave Scene:
- the scene in Beth's kitchen with the tablecloth > kinda naughty and sweet

Fave Quotes:
Lust strangled his vocal cords and fisted his hands.

"Another perfect hat trick. I'm burning the house down, my ex-husband is making his twelfth call of the day, and some moron is at the door."

His lips twitched and he offered her his hand.
"Go ahead and stare," he said when she failed to take it. "Get it out of your system."