The Rebound Girl

The Rebound Girl - Tamara Morgan I loved this book from page one! No two ways about it! If you love non-conforming and out of the box contemporary romances, this is the one for you. I adore Tamara Morgan's voice in this book and her ability to break the (sexual) tension at the most unexpected moments with witty oneliners that make you either smile serenely or snort out loud!

Though the author told me Whitney would be a tough heroine to swallow and I know some readers will agree with that, I don't. I loved Whitney because underneath the rude, in-your-face, bossy and seemingly careless veneer is a vulnerable woman who has built these walls around herself to protect herself from being hurt. Oh I already see the review remarks about her on some of the things she says and does but I don't agree with them. I loved that Whitney was human, with human flaws and not the perfect sweet heroine.

Now Matt, he's the sweet one. Sometimes too sweet but there were enough moments, especially when he stood his ground against Whitney and some others, he showed he was no pushover.

I also loved (yes I loved a lot about this book) the romance and how it developed. It starts as Whitney being the rebound woman for Matt but soon it's so much more and they don't even notice it. But you, as the reader, see them growing closer and closer intimately and emotionally. They think their only involved sexually and they are having a fling but in truth it's a courtship and start of a relationship.

Fave Scenes:
- Matt guessing what DUFF meant > hilarious!
- the scene with the kite > Whitney managed to make it about sex, Matt's comeback was priceless
- Whitney's birthday party > awesome scene!

Fave Quotes:
Her friend Kendra might be content to swap spit with one of the locals out on the parquet dance floor, but Whitney would rather reserve her saliva for digesting the stale bowl of pretzels on the bar.

He let himself fall into it, into her, and deepened the kiss almost against his will. That slow, sensual graze of her tongue against his, the soft moan that rose from her throat and tumbled into his—that was where the stirrings of lust became a pounding, forceful reality.

Her movements stilled. “Excuse me? Did you just use the word intercourse while your dick is in my hand and I’m so wet I could ride you for hours? Don’t you think we’ve passed the bounds of propriety at this point?”

“I put all my kinky sex stuff right where they can find it. There is nothing like a vibrator in the crisper drawer to keep your parents from snooping in the really good cupboards.”

“Your cousin Jessica was one of them,” he continued, not paying the least heed to anyone. “Fifteen, I think she was, and didn’t even know she was pregnant until the baby’s head was hanging out. We all thought it was a hemorrhoid.” (Whitney's dad)