Misplaced Hands

Misplaced Hands - Mari Carr, Lexxie Couper This was one hot book! As known I have a weakness for ménage stories and this one takes place Down Under with 2 very hot cowboys...uhm oh no, stockmen!
I loved it and am sad to see this awesome series end, but it ended on a real high.

I loved this story. It ticked almost all my romance reader boxes! I loved how Harper developed and overcame her childhood trauma with Marc and Keith's help and I really think Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper form a winning writer team! I hope they'll have more co-written books in the future!

Fave Scenes:
- the skinny-dipping in the billabong scene > OMG that was hot!

Fave Quotes:
The leaner of the two cowboys sauntered over to her. There was no other way to describe the way he walked. Like sinful temptation, mischievous charm and cocky indolence.

If Marc Thompson was sinful temptation, mischievous charm and cocky flirtation wrapped in tight denim, Keith Munroe was potent strength, concentrated sexuality and rugged masculinity.

The kiss melted the chill in her soul. His lips sought out her pain and took it away. She moaned, giving him everything she had in her heart.