Cutest Couple

Cutest Couple - Kate Davies 3,25 stars
This story is the second in the Girls Most Likely To trilogy and tells the story of Bree and Marc, high school sweethearts who broke up after graduation, leaving Bree unexpectedly pregnant.

I enjoyed the story but must say I liked the first story in the trilogy better. I found it difficult to click with Bree and Marc and had the feeling this was because I missed a bit more insight in their personalities and emotions.

This being said I liked the story it's a very nice and quick contemporary if you don't mind secret baby plots.

Once again I loved Tess and Jeremy in the story. The hints to their story makes me very eager to read it.

Fave Quote:
Over the years, he’d told himself that the visceral, physical reaction he’d had to her back in school was just a function of being seventeen years old. Now that he was older, more mature, he’d be able to look at Bree without getting an instant hard-on.
Apparently, that was a crock of shit. He had the kick of adrenaline—and the rush of blood to his groin—to prove it.