More Than Friends

More Than Friends - Jess Dee MORE THAN FRIENDS is a friends-to-lovers with an emotional twist. In less than a 100 pages it tells a seemingly one-sided FTL story that had me wondering how it was going to turn out and if there was going to be a HEA.

I'll give the critical reader that Seb's turnabout is rather sudden and not in line with how the book starts out but at the same time I'll admit it didn't bother me because without it there would be no story.

I love Jess Dee and I love her books. She has the ability to take tropes that are well-established and give them her own spin. She always surprises me and never takes the easy route.

Jess Dee never disappoints me with her sex scenes. Those in MORE THAN FRIENDS were hot! Really hot! White-hot! Seb and Lucy set the pages on fire.

I loved this first book in the series and I'm looking forward to the next book!

Fave Scene:
- the kiss > OMG! That kiss!

Fave Quotes:
“No, you know what’s stupid?” She dropped her foot. “You doing everything in your power to make me come, and then not giving me the same opportunity. You using your hands and your mouth all over my body, getting me off like a hundred times, and then not caring enough to wait for me to return the favor.”

She cut him off, not ready for him to have his say. Not yet. She had two days worth of pent-up frustration to blow off, and blow it off she would. Seb could just shut up and listen. “Know what else is demeaning and humiliating? When a man kisses your breasts. And your p*ssy. When he kisses every inch of your skin, even leaves his mark on your body—several times—but he doesn’t have the respect to kiss you on the lips. To touch his mouth to yours and make the whole encounter just the tiniest bit intimate. The tiniest bit personal.”

[Seb]“I never phoned because I was really busy with work. And with thinking about you. And with putting my world back together. You blew it apart. Changed all the rules. And when I began picking up the pieces and fitting them back into place, they didn’t fit where they used to. I couldn’t jam the round pegs into the square holes. There were never square holes before Sunday night. I never had to fit round pegs into them.”