Bare Knuckle

Bare Knuckle - Katie Porter 4,5 stars
I really enjoyed BN a lot. Eric totally redeemed himself from previous books yet remaind true to his character as it was portrayed in earlier books. Trish was awesome! I loved her strength and resilience. This book was headed towards 5 stars but the scene involving Trish's ex didn't quite work for me so I had to mark it down to 4 and the end, that beautiful end that made me cry pulled it up to my final rating of 4,5 stars

As much as I like it not being a never-ending series, I will miss the Vegas Top Guns!
Every single book in this series has educated me on my preferences and boundaries and for that alone the entire series deserves a fixed spot on my keeper shelf! And I am so ready for more Katie Porter!

Fave Quote:
[Eric]“I don’t always talk well.”
“Of course you don’t.” Leah laughed as she walked back toward Fang and the revelers. “You have a penis. I wouldn’t expect any different.”