If I Stay

If I Stay - Tamara Morgan As an avid reader of contemporary romance I know there are many different layers within the subgenre. From light and fluffy sweet to sexy and hot to dark and intense. However Tamara Morgan's contemporary romances are hard to put into a distinct category. She always manages to surprise me with her characters, storylines and writing.

Every time I think I have her pegged, she gives me a book like IF I STAY. A book where nothing is like it seems to be. A book that encases some heavy issues and deep emotions in light humor and funny situations. A book with deeply and multi-layered characters that I enjoyed peeling off layer after layer to get to the core of them. A book I took a long time reading compared to the books I read before it because I wanted to savor it and get to the core of the characters without rushing through it.

What I always love about Tamara Morgan's books is the humor! Dry, witty and never fails to make me laugh, smile or grin. And of course I always love the characters who deliver the humor in all its splendidness. In IF I STAY I loved Amy's bluntness and how she practically had no filter and just spoke what she thought. There were times I was just as in shocked awe of Amy as Ryan reluctantly was, moments when I would go: Did she really say that? Though I loved Ryan and all the other characters, Amy totally made this book for me because underneath her 'sunny disposition' (as Ryan called it) there was a vulnerable, compassionate woman and I really wanted her to get her HEA.

I really enjoyed this first book in a new Tamara Morgan series. She delivered on the premise (a modern day version of Downton Abbey and Upstairs,Downstairs) beyond my expectations. Her books never cease to surprise me and move me. I can't wait for the next in this series.

Fave Scenes:
- the scene in the dance studio > emotional, funny and sexy
- the Candi/Dirk scene > hot bit of role-playing!

Fave Quote:
His arms crossed and he actually had the nerve to square his stance and glare at her. Glare. Please. She was a nanny now. No one out-glared the nanny.