Beyond Jealousy

Beyond Jealousy - Kit Rocha 5 stars doesn't even begin to describe it!
This series, these characters, the beautiful, raw and dirty sex scenes...I have no words, no words left to describe how much I love this series of books that rock my world and turn me inside out with each new installment.

But it's not just the dirty. What makes these books stand out to me is the combination of that, heartwrenching emotion that touches me deeply and the fights. OMG the fight scenes. It is weird to be as aroused (dare I say more aroused) by a fight scene (that streetfight scene!!) as by a dirty dirty tattoo chair scene?

Ace, Rachel, Cruz...if you put a gun to my head I wouldn't be able to say which one of them I loved more. I loved them all and I wanted to hold them and tell them it would all be fine. I flipflopped so many times between "I love Ace the most" and "I love Cruz the most" it was dizzying! In the end it's undecided, I love them both the equally and they are at the very top of my fave heroes list. Dirty, dirty Ace so broken yet so worthy and deliciously bossy Cruz, strong and supporting! Now don't think I forgot about Rachel. She has been my fave since the very start of this series and BEYOND JEALOUSY just affirmed my preference. Awesome heroine. So strong in her vulnerabilty.

Another 5-star book in this series and now the wait starts for the next. I'm addicted to this series and waiting for my next fix (even if it's just a few weeks away) is going to be rough!

Fave Quotes:
"Unlike some people, I don't charge armed men. I shoot them in the face, like God intended." (Ace)

"It's all he wants." Ace moved a hand up to twine with Cruz's, tangling their fingers in her hair. "You're all he sees, angel. All either of us sees, except for those moments when you shine so bright, you make us see each other."