Down on Her Knees

Down on Her Knees - Christine Bell DOWN ON HER KNEES is the fourth and last book in the series and though I really loved all of them this one hast to be my favorite! Rafe and Courtney are great characters and they were awesome together. Once again, Christine Bell's writing had me mesmerized and I read this book in one sitting.

I tried to figure out why I loved this series so much, besides Christine Bell's addictive voice. I think it's because in all the books it's the men doing the chasing and going after what they want while the women are giving them a run for their money.
I inhaled this series, reading them back to back and not able to stop reading! I now have to read all her other books too as I've grown addicted to her writing.

Fave Quotes
She might not know it yet, but she was ripe for this. For someone — no, not someone, he thought fiercely, for him to teach her what her body already knew. She craved it. The pleasure and the pain. The ability to give herself over completely. Now if only he could impart her first lesson without coming in his pants, they'd be golden.

He loved her. The words crept into her soul and wrapped around her heart like an embrace.