Staking His Claim

Staking His Claim - Tessa Bailey The blurb of this one immediatly set my expectations high and they were totally met. Matt was a bit different than Bailey's other heroes in this series as his internal conflict warred with his need for Lucy. This changed the dynamic of the book compared to the others but believe me, it wasn't in any way less impressive. Lucy was the perfect heroine for him. Of course the trademark dirty talk was plentiful and as delicious as always. The end made me teary and satisfied my romantic heart to no ends!

I am sad to see this series end and can't wait to read anything new Ms. Bailey has to offer us. Undoubtedly, she will serve up some more dirty talking heroes to make us weak in the knees and in need of something to cool off.

Fave Quotes
He moved like he was walking towards a lover. A lover he planned on thoroughly roughing up before making her scream obscenities into a pillow.

She used every bit of mobility she had to grind into him, while kissing him past the point epwhere she needed to draw breath. Pulling away to suck in oxygen didn't seem worth it.

"Lucy Mason, you brought the color in. You brought me to life when I didn't even realize I'd stopped breathing."