Long For Me

Long For Me - Shiloh Walker 4,5 stars

While reading BREAK FOR ME (the 2nd novella in this series) there were revelations that made me realize this third novella that were going to break my heart and right in line with my expectations the start of this novella left me teary-eyed.
But I also knew that Shiloh Walker, though she'd first break me with this novella, she'd also piece me back together.

Chris and Guy's story is a heartbreaking but beautiful one. It concludes the story arc that began in the first story and lived up to my expectations in every way possible. The suspense, if you can call it that since everything was pretty clear in the previous story, mixed perfectly with the romance and there were some really hot moments.

As much as I loved these short novellas I'm definitely ready for full length in this series now. Not in the least to satisfy my curiosity for the next suspense arc.

Memorable Scene:
- the memorial service for Nichole > one of the few times an opening chapter made me cry

Fave Quotes:
To her, crazy was sitting there with words trapped inside you and not saying them because it was impolite or because people might think you were weird.

He wasn’t about to tell her that the only woman he wanted to take care of was her, that the only woman he wanted was the woman he’d never have.

He twisted her head around, easing his hold on her hair. "Years, Chris. I’ve wanted you for years. You’re not going to make me rush this."