Deeper Than Need

Deeper Than Need - Shiloh Walker 3,5 stars
It's been a while since I read an RS with more than 3 POVs and the number of them had me a little frazzled at the beginning. Next to Noah and Trinity there are at least 8 other POVsand on top of those there were a lot of secondary characters (without their own POVs). With a lot of connections between them and one of them still not revealed at the end I was still a bit confused when the book ended.

After the novellas that started off this series I was really looking forward to the first full length book. Now I'm thinking I should have waited till all the full length books were out before reading. Because not only did all these POVs and the suspense have me rather confused, but I also reached the end and was none the wiser about a major happening in the book and a plotline I was hoping to get answers on. Also, I was still pretty much in the dark about the plot I suspect is going over to the next book or maybe even books.

Now I didn't mind this in the novellas as they were short and came out one right after the other. But the next full length is not coming out until the end of September!! When you have an ending that's rather abrupt and it doesn't give you the conclusion you wanted, it's too long a wait till the next book.

Though the above may give the impression I didn't enjoy this book, I really did. Because I love Shiloh Walker's writing and characterization and romance. The emotions burst from the pages and kept pulling me towards the book over and over. Characters chased by personal demons, sexy romance and a kid! Alcoholism, single parenthood, grief, guilt all form the background for the romance part of this romantic suspense. These elements all form the base of DEEPER THAN NEED and I loved that part of this book. Micah stole my heart from the first page!

So in conclusion, I didn't get the satisfaction of a rounded and concluded plot but I liked the romance, the characters and the emotions. I'll be on the lookout for the next book because I want my conclusion.

Favorite Quotes:
The demons that had chased after him were called guilt and grief and no amount of alcohol could silence their voices for long. No woman could ease the ache for any longer than it took to bring her to climax.

But how did you go about telling a preacher that you were dying of lust? She was going to burn in hell for this. There had to be some sort of law or commandment or something against lusting over preachers, right? She was certain of it. He was just so very, very pretty to look at.

And oh, man … he shifted a little and she caught sight of his chest. He had chest hair. A little dusting of it, just enough to feel so good. Trinity felt her fixation teeter on the edge of obsession, ready to topple over. How would it feel to curl her fingers in the light scattering of it, to have it rubbing over her breasts as he moved over her—