Rhythm of My Heart

Rhythm of My Heart - Jess Dee Let me count the ways I loved this book!
1. Zachary Pace/Jonah Speed
2. Eve Andrews
3. Rock stars
4. Humor and banter
5. The raw, intense and unapologetic sexy scenes
6. The heart-wrenching emotions

I'm flew through this book and read it in between other acivities in half a day! It had rock stars but it was very different from other rock stars romances I've read. It was super super super hot, OMG the drumset scene... *fans self* And it was so so beautifully written!

Throughout the whole book I was kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop because after reading countless Jess Dee books you just know there is going to be a twist somewhere along the way. At one point I started to suspect what it was and for the first time ever I figured out the twist before it happened! Yay me!

Jess Dee writes, I love! That's all!

Memorable Scene:
The drumset love scene > I can never look at a drumset or drumsticks again and not think of this scene!

Fave Quotes:
He couldn’t go slow, couldn’t take his time. He just needed to taste her. All of her. Make her scream with raw need. Rake her nails down his back with blistering desire.

His exquisite tenderness and delectable creativity had her oscillating between wanting to come and wanting the sensation to continue for eternity. He generated such sweet harmony within, Eve lost herself to the mastery of his hand, the skill of his touch—and still, as promised, he hadn’t actually laid a finger on her.