Mercy - HelenKay Dimon I had been looking forward to this book ever since March when I came back from the big hiatus. From the moment heard about it, it went on the wishlist. Erotic romantic suspense is like my two favorite subgenres went and had a baby and I am always complaining that there aren't more books/series like Shannon McKenna's books. So when I heard about this new HKD series I knew I had to read it.

I love it when you, as the reader, you are privvy to things the hero or heroine isn't and especially with Jarrett's POV HelenKay Dimon provided me with this privelege. I knew exactly what Jarrett felt and what he allowed Becca to see/know. On the outside Jarrett seems cold and hard cool but he deep inside he feels and cares, no matter how loud he may protest that. I got to give it to him: the man demonstrates an admirable amount of self-control and 'I don't give a damn'. Jarrett's refusal to kiss Becca first had me a bit confused but it didn't last very long plus when it was explained I totally got it and holding back from the beginning made that first actual kiss in the book scorching.

Now let's talk about the secondary romance, m/m with Wade and Eli. I liked it but several times when they really got to the sex part ...the POV jumped to Jarrett and Becca. This kinda bothered me because although I can't say I'm an avid m/m reader (to the contrary even: I rarely read m/m), I think if you're incorporating it into your book, you should take it all the way.

While on the subject, this book was pretty hot. I loved the chemistry between Becca and Jarrett and their romance was complicated, erotic and intense. But have to mention that I noticed that like with Wade and Eli, Becca and Jarrett also had a few love scenes where the actual deed was kept off the page. Made me wonder if this was publisher/editor-induced or that the author intended for the book to have this much behind closed doors sex...

The suspense part kept me on my toes during the entire book. Like Becca, Jarrett and Eli I wanted answers and I had my suspicions but granted I flip-flopped a bit between the theories in my head. My first suspicion was right but I did think it was wrapped up rather too easily and I missed a big showdown with the person behind everything. However I really liked how the suspense and romance mixed together and made the book more poweful as a whole.

MERCY is the kind of book that makes you want to read faster so you can get to the conclusion and figure everything out. And at the same time you want to read slower so you can savor the sexiness of it all. Despite some minor issues I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the next book, which will be Sebastian and Kyra! YAY!

Memorable Scene:
- Wade and Jarrett discussing Jarrett taking Becca on a birth control > Funny and also a pivotal moment in the story
- the standoff scene in the conference room > this iswhere I felt thesuspense and romance came together perfectly

Fave Quotes:
“I need to talk to you.”
“Last time we talked you were on your knees with my dick in your mouth while your team broke in and arrested me.”

Calling on his formidable will, he brought the shields crashing down again, careful to drain any show of interest from his face. With a thin-lipped frown back in place and the mental reel of her past treachery playing in his head, his control clicked together like a series of lock tumblers.

“Natalie.” He slid onto the stool next to hers while Wade took up his regular position behind the bar, only a few feet away.
“I’ve asked you to call me Ms. Udall.”
Jarrett nodded. “And I’ve declined.”

He kissed her. Not quick. Not searching for another round. This was long and lingering, testing her in small nibbles before deepening the touch to a blinding kiss she felt to her toes.

Despite everything and regardless of the passage of time and the festering anger, he loved her. Right down to the dark lonely place in his soul. And it fucking sucked.

The words rumbled against Wade’s skin. This side of Elijah, a little rough and full of need, broke Wade’s will every time. He didn’t have a shield for this. Couldn’t figure out how to say no and mean it.

Taking a slow walk around the room, he ended back at her feet. With one knee on the bed and his hands on her ankle, he drew her legs up until he lay between her thighs and her feet balanced against the mattress. “Now, we play.”