Night After Night

Night After Night - Lauren Blakely 4,5 stars
The question I had at the end of the introductory novella of what the mysterious thing Julia did on her Tuesday nights was revelead immediately at the beginning of this book. I loved that as it was something that kept bugging me after finishing the novella.

The novella was just an introduction, this first book gave me the depth I missed in that first introduction and then some. The plot was interesting. I understood why Julia was doing what she was doing and the way she was doing it but I also wanted to yell at her to just tell Clay what was going on.

The romance developed from kinky no-strings-attached sex in the novella to a deeper and more emotional connection that was complemented by some really hot sex scenes that made me fan myself numerous times.

I'm really curious to find out how it's all going to play out in the conclusion of this trilogy. I'm sure it won't be long till it makes its way to the 'currently reading'-status.

Memorable Scenes:
- the one in the restaurant in NY > OMG! HOT! And you'll know which one I mean when you read it.
- the one with the lapdance > probably the hottest and sexiest one of the book
- the one on Julia's kitchen table > scorching!

Favorite Quotes:
He might have to spend the next forty-eight hours making her gasp and moan, groan and scream, because her noises were better than a cold drink on a hot day. The sounds she made fed him.

“The last time I did this to you, I tied you up, Julia. But this time I want your hands free tograb my face, pull hard on my hair, do whatever you need to do. You can fuck my face hard. When I get out of this car, I want to look like a man who was eating pussy.”

“Are you giving me an order?” She asked curiously, pushing her fingers through her hair that was still messy from sex. But she’d never minded sex hair. As far as she was concerned, it was a look that should be listed on the menu at all blow out salons. Updo, blown straight, or sex hair? I’ll take the sex hair, thank you very much.

“See, here’s the thing,” she said, holding up her hands, as if offering them for shackling. “You’ve been promising me these ropes, Clay, and my wrists are still achingly empty.”

He couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to taste her, to drown his mouth in her scent, to feel her wetness all over his face.
But more than that, he wanted her screams of passion to fill his ears. He wanted to see reckless desire smashing through her body. He wanted to control her pleasure.

“I will make you scream, Julia. I will make sure the neighbors know how good you’re about to get it.”

He pulled back to look her in the eyes. His voice was ragged. “I’m crazy about you, but right now I’m going to fuck you like I hate you. I need to fuck you angrily but don’t forget this, I’m crazy for you.”