Summer Wine

Summer Wine - Jess Dee Jess Dee and ménage were all the words I needed to click the pre-order button for SUMMER WINE before you could even blink!
And I was not disappointed. The ménage story exceeded my expectations, the dirty sexy was fabulously hot and the book contained so much info about wine that I (a non-wine drinker) now want to drink wine :)

My only complaint: it was too short! I wanted more Lily, Angus and Blake!

Favorite Quotes:
He glided his tongue over hers with a demanding, velvety heat, and lust exploded in Lily’s belly.

A woman in love with another man didn’t kiss the way Lily had just kissed him. Didn’t happily accept his tongue in her mouth and melt into his body as though trying to mold herself to him. She didn’t struggle to breathe or drag hard nipples against his chest either.

Desire, sweet and pure, burst through her. And Lily wanted. Just…wanted. Hungered for more. She shifted in her seat, ground down in an effort to subdue the sudden ache in her groin, the all-consuming need and emptiness.

Holy cow, his kisses! A nun would voluntarily lose her habit for one of those kisses.

Her heart was bursting, her world was right. Happiness descended along with the pleasure, encapsulating her in a warm bubble of pure joy.

“See, Angus, Blake and I may love each other.” She slipped her hand into Blake’s. “But you’re the glue that brought us together. And we’re gonna need that glue to hold us together.” She smiled shyly at him and slipped her other hand in Angus’s. “I might even be a little in love with the glue.”