Enigma - Moira Rogers Since I finished the last book, IMPULSE, I've been waiting for Anna and Patrick's story. And now it is finally here and I'm finally reading it. The Southern Arcana series is one of the few pnr series still on my auto-buy and auto-read list because I love the world, the politics, the characters and the writing so much.

On the very first page it says Anna is 'more comfortable with weapons than hugs' and this immediately set the tone for me...this was going to be one hell of a romance! And I say this in the most positive way possible! I loved how compatible Anna and Patrick were and how they still kept fighting the attraction and the feelings between them.

I've probably mentioned in reviews of previous books in this series how much I love the world, the politics and the plots in this series. ENIGMA was no different so it's safe to say that is still working for me. There was a lot going on but there wasn't a single moment I felt lost or confused! I loved the plot and the politics in this book! With everything that was happening, every discovery and every step closer to unraveling what was going on I got more and more enthralled, intrigued and I wanted to know what exactly was going on and why.

This book is all action all the time and in the center of all that action are Anna and Patrick, two broken souls with childhoods that would make anyone cower in a corner and just cry. They're broken yet anything but weak! Some crazy stuff happens in this book and they manage to take it all. I loved the emotional development they went through from the beginning where they were fighting the attraction and denying their feelings, straight to the end where they (at first) reluctantly accept the undeniability of their bond.

Though ENIGMA didn't push my faves in this series (CIPHER, DEADLOCK & IMPULSE) from the top faves spot, I really enjoyed it and contrary to most previous books I have absolutely NO idea who is going to be next! Or wait...now that I think about it, maybe I have someone (2 or 3 someones even) in mind who could be next :)

Memorable Scenes:
- the one with the ghost > yes, I said ghost...and it was memorable because I was glued to the pages and I really dislike ghosts in my books
- the one in the shower > holy hotness!
- the one with the emotion-infused sex scene > hands down one of the most beautiful, most powerful sex scenes I've read in years!

Favorite Quotes:
That left her with the cold, hard truth she’d been facing for the past half a year—the one man she couldn’t have was the one who made all the others look like silly little boys.

“Take off your damn clothes before I mess this up.”
“You couldn’t.” But she tore off her jacket, tossed it off the bed and pulled his hand up under the hem of her T-shirt. Every soft brush or hard bite of his fingers sparked fire in her belly, and she shivered. “You could probably make me come by breathing on me.”

He lunged to his feet, and her back thumped against the wall next to a crookedly framed print of a cheerful seascape. “This is how I thought our first time would be.” He dragged her hands up and slammed them back against the wall, and the force of it shocked her into a shudder. “Against a brick wall in some dark alley because I couldn’t stay out of you one more goddamn second.”

“Sleep okay?”
“It was awesome.” She stretched through a yawn. “I’m going to cuddle up on you all the time from now on.”
“Sounds cozy.” God help him and his too-eager dick, which was more than ready for another round of sweaty fucking. The damn motel room might not survive it.

“I wish it was, because there isn’t anybody but you. There hasn’t been, not since the night we met. I thought, ‘If I can love anyone, if anyone can love me, it’s this crazy bastard.’” [Anna]

“I’m not heartless, McNamara. Just broken.”

And yet here he was, stripped down to something worse. Lust and pain, twisted need and furious hurt. He could feel her all along his body even though they weren’t touching, and he wanted to be touching. He wanted to close the distance and rub against her, rub away all those other scents so that she had to feel him, not merely on her skin but under it, overwhelming every sense, clinging to any part of her he could touch.