Down And Dirty

Down And Dirty - Sami Lee, Lexxie Couper, Jess Dee, Rhian Cahill Before I review the individual stories I must say this boxed set has my name written ALL OVER IT! Come on,'s a ménage anthology by my fave auto-buy aussie romance authors. How can I not want to read this? Well I did want to, so badly I pre-ordered it, downloaded it on release day and started reading it the next day (only because I had another book to finish reading first). These 4 authors couldn't have found a better title than DOWN AND DIRTY! Individually they heat up the pages and put together they should come with a warning: read at own risk as overheating and spontaneous combustion may occur! All four stories have a ménage theme, yet all of them are uniquely different as they convey each author's uniquely honed style.

Warning: if you love ménage romances this book is a hazard to you body temperature and your panties!

Burning Up - Sami Lee
4,5 stars
This was a ménage with a heroine in the sanwiched between one man she has an antagonistic relationship with including the trading of insults (Steve) and another who is much younger than she is (Rob). I couldn't be happier with this premise. The premise took a bit of an unexpected turn but to be honest I liked that turn as deep down I was rooting for the outcome that Sami Lee gave us.

I have one small complaint: it was too short! Would have loved to read a lot more about these characters! I really love Sami Lee's writing. Her books are very hot but always classy and though she doesn't mince words it never turns crass.

Memorable Scene:
- the one with the three of them in Corey's room at the party > Spontaneous combustion in 3...2...1!

Favorite Quotes:
He had premature-ejaculation trouble in his fantasies. It was fucking humiliating. ~Steve

“God, that’s so hot.”
Rob’s comment registered somewhere in Steve’s mind, as did the soft click of the door as it closed. It wasn’t enough to stop him from kissing Pam, kissing her, devouring her and caressing her until he ran out of breath. Only then did he pull back, feeling punch drunk and confused and so horny it was debilitating to his mental function.

Pam stared down at him. “I’m so horny I’m about to explode, so one of you fuck me already.”
Steve gave her nipple an impertinent pinch. “Nice mouth for an English teacher.”
“As a teacher, I believe in making optimum use of all words in the English language.”
“As a fireman, I have to caution you against playing with matches, sweetheart,” Steve said. “You have no idea how hard I want to fuck you. You talk dirty again and you’ll get what you’re asking for.”

His smile was affectionate, his grip on her wrist gentle. But when he moved her hand to settle over his heart, Pam realized there was nothing gentle about the way it slammed into his chest in a rapid cadence. Her own heart accelerated in tandem with his, launching itself against her ribcage in a mixture of excitement and fear, fear that she had this wrong somehow.

Compliance - Lexxie Couper
4,75 stars
Yay! Another 'Heart of Fame' story and double YAY, Bethany from GUARDED DESIRES is the heroine. I'd been hoping for her story ever since I read that book. Many readers didn't like the role she played in the story but I did and I'm thrilled to read her own story now.

An uncertain and introvert nerd, a confident and compassionate jock and a feisty and brave PA comprise this ménage story. While it sounds like the beginning of a corny joke (there's even a bar), it's far from that. This is one red-hot ménage story that set my e-reader on fire!

Lexxie Couper never fails to please with her scorching and heartfelt stories. As with the first story the outcome wasn't exactly what I expected but it totally worked.

Memorable Scene:
- the one with Australia's national anthem > You'll know why when you read it

Favorite Quotes:
Logan moved.
A single stride that destroyed the distance between them.
Stare locked on hers through the lenses of his glasses, he buried his hands in her hair, lowered his face to hers and took possession of her lips with his.
Liquid shards of heat sank into Bethany’s core. She gasped into his mouth, the action granting his tongue access to hers. He took it, a savage kiss of dominating hunger and need.

The acceptance of the moment, the erotic perfection of the two of them working in such intimate harmony to bring Bethany to the peak of sexual pleasure flayed at Logan’s control.

Party of Three - Jess Dee
5 stars
Book 1 in a new Jess Dee series and I'm already hooked and craving more in this series. The group of friends that have a monthly Sunday night dinner captured my attention from the start with their easy banter and teasing. The humor in this book was awesome. Not only in the group of friends but also between Chelsea, Spencer and Levi in any given combination.

Once again Jess Dee writes a carnal and emotion-filled ménage that's sexy as hell and doesn't take the easy road. I loved everything about this novella! EVERYTHING! Contrary to the first 2 stories in this collection this one did have the ending I was hoping for but I could have read on forever about Chelsea, Spencer and Levi!

Memorable Scenes:
- the one with Spencer and Chelsea on the stool > Oh my, that was hot
- the one with the actual threesome > you need a fan, a cooling pack and a huge icecold drink with that?

Favorite Quotes:
“Wear something sexy.”
She snorted. “To run in?”
He leaned in close. “Underneath your running clothes. It’ll give me something to fantasize about while I’m gasping for breath.”

If her eveningwear got his blood pumping, her exercise gear almost sent him into cardiac arrest.

If running had emptied his lungs of breath, kissing her filled his blood with fire. Chelsea made him burn. Passion ignited inside, a culmination of months of aching for her yet repressing the need.

Problem was that staying power was diminishing with every one of Chelsea’s lustful moans and every one of Spence’s dirty words.
Fuck knew where he found the energy, but Spence was talking both of them through the experience, and the filth that came out of his mouth would have made Levi laugh—if it didn’t make his skin itch with the need to come.

Pass the Parcel - Rhian Cahill
5 stars
I must confess I beta-read this story a while back. Second time around it was just as awesome, if not more as I now read it as a reader, for fun! PASS THE PARCEL is a super sexy and enotional story that kept me enthralled from start to finish. The two men were sexy and dirty but also caring and sweet. The heroine was scared but brave and I loved how she embraced her sexuality but took her time and distance to let it all sink in.

I loved that Rhian's story differed from the others in that both men are familiar with ménages and they work together from the start to get Kitty on board instead of accepting the sharing as a way not to lose the woman or going for a one-time threesome. I shouldn't pick favorites so don't tell anyone but Rhian Cahill's was my favorite of the 4 stories.

Memorable Scene:
The bath tub scene > so freaking hot!

Favorite Quotes:
She kept tugging at the hem on her skirt even though you’d have to lie on the ground between her feet to see anything more than her mile-long legs. A vision of those smooth limbs wrapped around his waist while he pounded into her flashed through his mind. The image drove his blood at breakneck speed through his veins until it pooled in his groin with a bone-deep throb.

Oh God. She was melting now. Her insides were liquefying in the wake of their explicitness—in the animalistic nature of their lust and their refusal to hide it. Swallowing hard, she continued to nod.

He tore his mouth from hers and nibbled his way down her chin and along her jaw until he reached the tender skin beneath her ear. Nuzzling into the delicate spot, he whispered all the dirty things he wanted to do to her—with her—against her damp flesh.

With a bold stroke, he pressed his tongue between her lips and slid it along the edge of her teeth. She opened for him and a soft moan slipped up her throat when he dove into the dark depths of her mouth. Her tongue joined his. Warm and wet, their tongues danced and their breaths mingled. It was slick heat and it oozed through his veins like melted chocolate, coating everything in a sticky-sweet indulgence that bombarded his senses.