Blood, Sweat and Tea

Blood, Sweat and Tea: Real Life Adventures in an Inner-city Ambulance - Tom Reynolds 4.25 stars!!!Memorable Scenes:- that first sex scene > hot beyond words- Dayne and Grant feeding Miki breakfast > great scene that both tugged my heartstrings and made me smileMikhaila 'Miki' Drummond has been hiding from life since her failed marriage and the death of her husband. She’s natural and open but she guards her emotions and hides behind a self-protective wall. She has never dared to let herself look further into the feelings that made her run from her two friends so many years ago.Dayne Pierce and Grant Rogers are on a mission to get back the only woman they've ever wanted in their lives, the woman they’ve loved since they were in high school. She ran once but they're not letting her escape again. They are both caring and wonderfully dirty. Dayne is the more sensitive and impulsive one. Grant the more laid-back and serious one. They complement each other perfectly and in tandem they can blow a woman’s mind to smithereensThis novella centers on Miki, Grant and Pierce and their relationship. There are very little secondary characters and the story is character-driven and emotion-driven. I love books like these. I liked that there was trepidation from Miki's side to enter a permanent ménage mindlessly because of the hot sex the three of them were having. I also loved how Grant and Dayne used their feelings for her to persuade her to give them a chance without pushing her. Ménage and Rhian Cahill are the only words I needed to fall over my own feet to get this book. And all the expectations I had of it were met and surpassed with the awesomely written characters, the emotions that ran high and the melt-your-panties sex scenes. One tiny thing that bothered me was the ending. It was kind of sudden and I missed some kind of epilogue to give me a glimpse of how they fared once Miki decided to give the relationship a chance. Then again I am an epilogue-addict so I always miss them when they are not included in the books I read.Still, reading a Rhian Cahill book is like coming home after a long trip in unfamiliar surroundings. She never fails to please me with her characters, the heat they create together and the emotionality of their story. I’m truly enjoying this Party Games series and I can only say to the authors that I’m ready for the next game!Favorite Quotes:“If it isn’t little Mikaila Drummond.” The deep voice skittered over her skin and she shivered as goose bumps broke out in its wake.“Yeah, but she isn’t so little anymore.” The second voice was just as deep but slightly rougher. Both conjured images of late nights, tangled sheets and sweaty bodies.Jeez, of all the times for her libido to wake up.Arousal burst out and flooded every part of her. Need and desire that had been missing in recent years were set free in an explosion of tingling sensation. Miki took a breath, tried to slow her pulse but only succeeded in filling her nostrils with the scent of hot male flesh. Her body softened, her knees shook and she struggled to form a coherent thought.Where this wanton vixen came from she didn’t know, but she wanted to embrace her for one night.He wanted to drive her to the edge before he took his own pleasure at the same time he let her have hers. Dayne continued to explore her back, each of them drawing moans of pleasure from her throat with their sensual assault. The little whimpers drove Grant’s arousal higher, had his own need yanking at his control.Her bones felt like melted chocolate, all warm and soft. Every inch of her skin tingled and she had pins and needles in her fingers and toes. The throbbing ache in her breasts and groin were a constant reminder of the mind-numbing pleasure these two men had delivered. Again. She’d be lucky if they didn’t kill her. Actually, she’d be damn lucky to die at their hands.For someone used to doing the nurturing, to have the tables turned, to be the receiver instead of the giver, was not only mind-blowing but devastating to the walls she’d built around herself. [...] She’d let a man be important to her once before and look what that had gotten her. Nothing but heartache, and she didn’t think she could go through that again. No, she’d have to harden her heart, toughen up those walls and hope they held.Her emotions were in turmoil. She ran the gamut from joy to terror, from calm to panic and every step in between. Miki knew she wasn’t being fair shutting them out in an attempt to gain control. Would she ever master the feelings swamping her? At the moment she didn’t think so. Everything was too raw with razor-sharp edges that sliced her to ribbons.Rating:8.5 out of 10 - GREAT READ!!