Talk Dirty to Me

Talk Dirty to Me - Inez Kelley TALK DIRTY TO ME is the second book in the Dirty Laundry series. The title alone definitely pushed my buttons because anyone who reads my reviews and/or follows me on Twitter knows that I have a soft spot for heroes who talk the dirty…and let me tell you, my expectations of Jarod were satisfyingly met because he definitely talks the dirty and does it well. I am not going to give you a summary of the story as the above blurb efficiently takes care of that. In this review I want to talk about my opinion of this hot little collaboration writing and not rehash a story that you all should just read and experience for yourself! I can tell you that I didn’t read this book; I inhaled it…in one sitting!Nora McGregor is a biologist working on her dissertation. She’s outspoken and takes life head-on. She’s also smart and tenacious. Her analytical mind hides a woman who craves romance and true love.Now let’s talk Jarod Reed/James. Jarod is an English professor. He is straightforward, intelligent and has a great sense of humor. He’s a romantic with a wicked sense of naughty. He has shot straight to the top of my dirty talking heroes list. He set the pages and my e-reader on fire! And, despite her initial reluctance, Nora absolutely gave him a run for his money in an almost shy way that’s contradictory to her outspoken nature. I loved the way Nora was trying to explain her (sexual) reaction to Jarod/James with science and logic, backed up with biology. It was a nice counterpoint for the extremely hot scenes and fun to read. As the story progressed I wondered how the Jarod/James angle was going to be played out, how Nora was going to discover that Jarod and James were the same person. They way the authors resolved this was both smart and very, very hot. I liked it a lot!Inez Kelley and Ginny Glass write good stuff. Separate they are forces to keep an eye on as I’ve reviewed two books they wrote individually and loved them both but together they just take naughtiness, hotness and wicked dirty talk to another level. I wasn’t able to discern who wrote what without a little help on Twitter from the authors themselves while normally with co-written stories I am able to do so fairly easily, especially when I’ve read the solo work of the individual authors. However in this case the writing was so in tune throughout the entire book, it seamlessly and smoothly entwined together, leaving me guessing as to which scenes were written by whom.TALK DIRTY TO ME was hot, engaging and fast-paced. The dialogues were sharp, fast and funny. The talk was wicked and dirty, the characters were smart and witty, and the sex was sizzling. This reader pretty satisfied after reading the last page of this novella, which was short but very well written. I have but one complaint about this story and it’s the same one I had about COIN OPERATED (book 1): It’s too damn short! When I reached the end I wanted more of Nora and Jarod, much more, like pages and pages more. I couldn’t get enough of them and their chemistry.TALK DIRTY TO ME is an enticing piece of erotic fiction and a worthy sequel to COIN OPERATED. It raised the bar a notch for the next installment in this series. A series that’s well on its way to becoming one of my favorite erotic romance series of late. Despite missing some sort of epilogue (just being greedy for more here, see a the paragraph above) in the merely 88 pages this story counted, Ginny Glass and Inez Kelley delivered not only a smoking hot book filled with all kinds of the good dirty, they also gave me a well-rounded, romantic love story that fits perfectly into the Dirty Laundry series. All I can say is: “Ladies, hit me with some more of the dirty stuff.”Quote from Nora’s notations about her research for her dissertation:Is it possible to fall in love with two different men for two different reasons? One is smooth, controlled and kisses me until my toes tingle. The other whispers naughty words that vibrate my soul. Both are intelligent and sharp and quick to laugh. I want to tell one my most farfetched dreams and the other my wickedest fantasies.8.7 out of 10