If You Dare (The MacCarrick Brothers, Book 1) (Bk. 1)

If You Dare - Kresley Cole 4,5 starsThe answer to all of the above questions is a full-hearted YES.The first in the MacCarrick Trilogy rocked my world...hard!Court(land) MacCarrick is the youngest brother, a true Higlander: strong, brutal and savage. A mercenary employed by general Reynaldo Pascal, a horrible general who is leading a rebellion to take over Andorra and then Spain in his quest for ultimate powerAnnalía Llorente is an amazing heroin: feisty, courageous, smart, defiant and a fighter despite her fragile and delicate appearance. Pascal intends to wed Annalía, who is a descendant of the Spanish Crown in order to achieve his goal. Court rebels against Pascal which eventually leads to him being beating, knived and thrown in a river to die. He survives and is found by Annalía and there’s were the story truly begins! They start of really not liking each other for obivious reasons. Annalía thinks Court a brute animal, with no manners and loathes him for being a mercenary. Court thinks Annalía an arrogant stuck-up with her defiant behaviour. But they are thoroughly fascinated by each other at the same time. They clash from the start but underneath you feel the strong attraction that smolders between them. A passion and attraction that is too strong to be denied by either of them. And when they finally act on it, sparks fly of the pages in some erotic scenes that leave you all hot and bothered.I adored this book. An intense and passionate page-turner. Fast-paced, easy to read. A book that takes you from the Andorran mountains, via Toulouse to London and back to the Andorran mountains and along the way you’re submerged in a wonderful love-story enjoying every page and every word. A perfect combination of history, romance and an exciting and original plot. Masterfully written, making you wish you were there, being saved by a mercenary Highlander who is just as much Alpha as he is honorable. I’m yearning to read the stories of Hugh and Ethan, Court’s two older brothers and I can predict it won’t be long because this book left me wanting another taste of the MacCarricks and the women who will break their curse.If you love Highlanders and you don’t have this book...Shame on you and go get it!