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Best Man With Benefits

Best Man With Benefits - Samanthe Beck Review coming shortly

One Sexy Ride

One Sexy Ride - Vivian Arend Janey and Len together are both sweet, cute and hot enough to singe the pages. I was curious as to why Len was convinced he couldn't give Janey what she needed. When I found out the reason my heart broke and I sobbed through the rest of that chapter and the ending. I really loved this couple, their backstories and their road to HEA.

The banter and teasing between the Thompsons is one of the elements I like the most in this series. But on the coattails of that banter there is always the feeling of genuine love and having each other's back no matter what. The bond between them was portrayed beautifully at the end of the book.

Vivian Arend's writing never fails to please and entertain me. There is no unnecessary drama and it's unembellished. To the point and crisp she has a way of drawing me in with her characters and keeping me wanting more. Over the years I do find her writing has gotten even hotter and sexier than it was in earlier books. No complaints from me there as I love em hot and sexy.

ONE SEXY RIDE is sweet and emotional all wrapped up in a sexy heat. I read it in practically one sitting and it left me yearning for more. I sighed, I laughed and I cried. Everything I want my romance novels to make me do. More Thompsons please! We still have Clay and Troy unaccounted for and I can't wait for their stories to be told.

Memorable Scenes:
- the one with the sort of "solo jobs" in Janey's kitchen > Ms. Arend took hot and self-pleasure to a whole other level!
- the one in the garage on the tailgate of Len's truck > OMG! When Len starts talking, he talks the talk, the dirty talk!
- the one with the photo album > I cried and cried and cried

Favorite Quotes:
Jeez. He was holding her fucking hand and ready to write poetry about it.

Pleasure shot through his body as the heat continued and she writhed under him. Len’s brain went temporarily off-line. There was too much going on. Too much pleasure to focus on only one aspect of it. From his balls, to his dick, to the quivering in his muscles, happy endorphins danced all the way to his brain.

“You were driving me nuts,” Len confessed. “Every time you rubbed against me, I got harder. I swear my cock is ready to explode.”
Well, now. “We can’t have random cock explosions interrupting the barbecue, can we?”

Seducing the Bridesmaid (a Wedding Dare Novel) (Entangled Brazen)

Seducing the Bridesmaid (a Wedding Dare Novel) (Entangled Brazen) - Katee Robert 4,5 stars - Review to come shortly

Falling for the Groomsman

Falling for the Groomsman - Diane Alberts, Jen McLaughlin Review to come shortly


Enigma - Moira Rogers Since I finished the last book, IMPULSE, I've been waiting for Anna and Patrick's story. And now it is finally here and I'm finally reading it. The Southern Arcana series is one of the few pnr series still on my auto-buy and auto-read list because I love the world, the politics, the characters and the writing so much.

On the very first page it says Anna is 'more comfortable with weapons than hugs' and this immediately set the tone for me...this was going to be one hell of a romance! And I say this in the most positive way possible! I loved how compatible Anna and Patrick were and how they still kept fighting the attraction and the feelings between them.

I've probably mentioned in reviews of previous books in this series how much I love the world, the politics and the plots in this series. ENIGMA was no different so it's safe to say that is still working for me. There was a lot going on but there wasn't a single moment I felt lost or confused! I loved the plot and the politics in this book! With everything that was happening, every discovery and every step closer to unraveling what was going on I got more and more enthralled, intrigued and I wanted to know what exactly was going on and why.

This book is all action all the time and in the center of all that action are Anna and Patrick, two broken souls with childhoods that would make anyone cower in a corner and just cry. They're broken yet anything but weak! Some crazy stuff happens in this book and they manage to take it all. I loved the emotional development they went through from the beginning where they were fighting the attraction and denying their feelings, straight to the end where they (at first) reluctantly accept the undeniability of their bond.

Though ENIGMA didn't push my faves in this series (CIPHER, DEADLOCK & IMPULSE) from the top faves spot, I really enjoyed it and contrary to most previous books I have absolutely NO idea who is going to be next! Or that I think about it, maybe I have someone (2 or 3 someones even) in mind who could be next :)

Memorable Scenes:
- the one with the ghost > yes, I said ghost...and it was memorable because I was glued to the pages and I really dislike ghosts in my books
- the one in the shower > holy hotness!
- the one with the emotion-infused sex scene > hands down one of the most beautiful, most powerful sex scenes I've read in years!

Favorite Quotes:
That left her with the cold, hard truth she’d been facing for the past half a year—the one man she couldn’t have was the one who made all the others look like silly little boys.

“Take off your damn clothes before I mess this up.”
“You couldn’t.” But she tore off her jacket, tossed it off the bed and pulled his hand up under the hem of her T-shirt. Every soft brush or hard bite of his fingers sparked fire in her belly, and she shivered. “You could probably make me come by breathing on me.”

He lunged to his feet, and her back thumped against the wall next to a crookedly framed print of a cheerful seascape. “This is how I thought our first time would be.” He dragged her hands up and slammed them back against the wall, and the force of it shocked her into a shudder. “Against a brick wall in some dark alley because I couldn’t stay out of you one more goddamn second.”

“Sleep okay?”
“It was awesome.” She stretched through a yawn. “I’m going to cuddle up on you all the time from now on.”
“Sounds cozy.” God help him and his too-eager dick, which was more than ready for another round of sweaty fucking. The damn motel room might not survive it.

“I wish it was, because there isn’t anybody but you. There hasn’t been, not since the night we met. I thought, ‘If I can love anyone, if anyone can love me, it’s this crazy bastard.’” [Anna]

“I’m not heartless, McNamara. Just broken.”

And yet here he was, stripped down to something worse. Lust and pain, twisted need and furious hurt. He could feel her all along his body even though they weren’t touching, and he wanted to be touching. He wanted to close the distance and rub against her, rub away all those other scents so that she had to feel him, not merely on her skin but under it, overwhelming every sense, clinging to any part of her he could touch.

Sinful Deception

Sinful Deception - Joan  Swan This series is rapidly making its way to the top of my favorite series list. SINFUL DECEPTION continues in the same excellent vein the first two books started it all. The main couple is awesome, the writing is captivating, the suspense plot fits right in and it was just as sexy and hot as the other books in this series! This is one of the few series I've read that make me wish they'd make a TV series of it. I'd definitely watch that!

I read 2 books in this series back to back and though the main themes are the same (Border Patrol, ICE, cartels, illegal immigrants and smuggling) in each book, they are all original and never felt the same. The romances are also one-of-a-kind and each couple is unique.

SINFUL DECEPTION starts all cute and sexy with webcamming and pole dancing and then...BAM! Again (like with the other books in this series) Joan Swan took me completely by surprise with the plot by giving it a twist I didn't see coming at all. I loved Marcus and Tova and their story and the shortness (around 120 pages) of the book didn't take away from the story at all. The sexy times were in perfect balance with the suspense plot and I really like Swan's writing style. It's fast-paced, crisp and sexy.

Since there's no next book in this series yet I'm going on the hunt for Joan Swan's (and her alter ego Sky Jordan's) books because I really liked what I read in this series.

Memorable Scenes:
- the one against the wall > seriously hot scene there!
- the one in the shower > yowza!

Favorite Quotes:
“Maybe you could close your shirt while we do this.” She laughed but ignored the suggestion. In fact, she used a little shoulder shimmy to shake the loose blouse farther open. The move also jiggled her breasts beneath the white lace and filled Marcus’s lower body with another flash of fire. “Holy fuck…” Marcus muttered. “If you do that again, I’ll go into brain freeze and won’t be able to fix your camera.”

The pleasure burst at the base of his spine, shooting fire through his hips, his chest, his limbs…until even his hair tingled with it. He couldn’t hold back the sounds that rolled from him, deep, throaty, intense sounds of pleasure. And the electricity continued to hum through his veins for long moments afterward while they slumped together, nothing keeping them up but his body weight crushing her to the wall.

Tova’s mind emptied of everything but him. She wrapped her arms around him, curved her body into his, and opened her mouth. Let him take. And take. And take. Reveled in being so completely wanted. So thoroughly devoured. No one had ever kissed her like this. No one had ever wanted her so completely, so deeply.

“Yes…” The pitch of her voice rose, grew tight, “Jesus… Mar—” She cried out. Her hips jerked against his mouth, and Marcus closed his eyes with the delirium of her, held her steady, and ate at her, absorbing her tremors, her heat, her flavor, until her motions melted into shivers.

Beyond Repair

Beyond Repair - Charlotte Stein Need to mull over my thoughts before I can rate and write a review on this one.
Result of the mulling:

3,75 stars
All the time I was reading the first chapter(s) I felt like I was missing out on something, some information to explain why Alice didn't panic at the fact that a stranger was passed out in her living room, a famous stranger but still a stranger. To explain the connection to and responsability for Holden she felt from the very beginning. I didn't understand that instant connection Alice felt to Holden. A connection that even had her contemplating telling him her real name. She never once questioned his appearance in her house and I found that strange.

Reading this book I felt like I was missing some sort of inside information. Why did Alice accept Holden being in her house like that? What happened to her in her past? I got a satisfying answer to that last question but the first still remains a mystery to me. I just couldn't click with the romance as it didn't make sense to my logical mind. Also, I missed Holden's POV. It was so absent it felt like the book could have been written and would have worked in first person as well.

Despite my confusion about the story, I did enjoy this book and that was because of Stein's writing. It has this captivating and mesmerizing quality to it that just kept me reading and kept pulling me back to the book even when I wasn't reading it. Her writing makes you feel the feelings her characters are going through and that was quite a feat in this book as I rationally didn't understand where their feelings were coming from but emotionally I revelled in them nonetheless.

Memorable Scene:
- the one with the bathtub > beautifully written scene

Favorite Quote:
“What are you thinking of?”
She wished he hadn’t whispered that. His whisper was even better in person than it was in the movies—sort of husky, with a hint of sensuousness that didn’t really fit this situation. She was just cutting him out of a damn coat, for God’s sake.

First Temptation

First Temptation - Joan  Swan It's been quite a while since I read the first book in the Covert Affairs series, INTIMATE ENEMIES. In fact it's been almost 2 years!! When an opportunity to read and review the third book presented itself I grabbed it, knowing I'd have this second book to read too first.

The chemistry and banter between Zoe and Taft was off the charts from the very first meeting. I really loved how sassy Zoe didn't take crap from Taft. And let's face it: an undercover operation in an adult store? Isn't that the perfect premise for a scorching hot suspense book? I can definitely confirm this. FIRST TEMPTATION was witty, exciting and really hot! The sex scenes were intenseand hot, the plot was exciting and well done with an unexpected twist and I liked the characters a lot.

Memorable Scenes:
- the one at Zoe's dining room table and later on the stairs > redhot!!
- the one with the pole dancing > djeezzzz, I want pole dancing lessons now!

Favorite Quotes:
No, Zoe definitely didn’t know this man. She would never forget a voice like that. It curled through her body like the first sip of her hot coffee, tingling down her chest and spreading through her belly.

“You’re fired. Now we don’t work together anymore.” He moved the hand at the middle of her abdomen to the side of her face and turned her head so she was looking up at him over her shoulder. “Because I have to have you. I have to touch you everywhere. I have to taste you. I have to be inside you. Explore you. It’s not a want anymore, Zoe. It’s what I need. And if you can’t mix guys and work, then fine, you’re fired.”

Take Me

Take Me - Maisey Yates 3,5 stars
Though too short to really get into the characters of Travis and Sydney TAKE ME was a nice quickie introduction to the 5th Avenue mini series that definitely whetted my appetite for more. Short yet intense with emotions and conflict, I really liked it.

Memorable Scene:
- the one in the shower > pretty d*mn hot!

The Billionaire Submissive (Billionaires in Bondage)

The Billionaire Submissive (Billionaires in Bondage) - Joely Sue Burkhart I read a rough snippet of this book when Joely Sue Burkhart was in the very early stages of writing it and I knew right then and there this was a book I HAD TO read! So when an early reading copy was offered to me I grabbed it faster than a kid in a candy store!

This book was everything I expected and more. I read it in practically one sitting because I just couldn't stop reading. Lilly and Donovan were awesome characters and I loved reading their journey to the HEA. These two characters were layered and I thoroughly enjoyed peeling those layers off to get to their cores. Donovan's struggle with his needs and his search for the woman who could give him what he so desperately needed had me captivated. Lilly's needs were more subtle but not less present. She was strong and vulnerable at the same time. Together they set the pages on fire with the scenes and had me choked up with the powerful emotions the writing evoked.

Joely Sue Burkhart's style of BDSM-writing is one I've always been drawn to and in making the billionaire a submissive instead of the dominant as the majority of authors do, she's already quite ahead of the others in my book. Also, I found the tiny nudge to the Connaghers series and it warmed my heart as that series will always have a special place in my romance-lover's heart. And have to say that this first book in a new series is right next to it.

Memorable Scenes:
- the one with the contract negotiations > that chair scene was hot!
- the one with the cherry pie > Wow!
- the one with the secretary > Go Donovan!
- the one with the Hamiltons > *fans self*

Favorite Quotes:
Donovan was sweating enough that his crisp white shirt stuck to him beneath his coat despite the air conditioning blasting. In just a few minutes of casual interaction, she’d managed to thaw him. He wasn’t frozen any longer, but burning up. Raging out of control.

“What if I say no?” She kept her voice light and soft, watching his reaction.
His eyes locked onto hers. “Then I’ll find a way to convince you to say yes. I might be submissive, but I’m not the kind of man who’s ever going to settle for no.”

She looked at him in all his arrogant pride and explosive temper, and saw a man she’d love to muss up. She wanted to knock him off balance and watch him stammer. She wanted to make him so furious he’d explode with lust. And then she wanted to bring him to his knees with the force of his need.

Dear God. A corset. Stockings. If she pulls a crop out of her bag I’m going to pass out when my dick explodes.

His words fell off and he cracked open an eye to see her reaction. His face stilled into the more guarded mask of privileged indifference, hiding the fragile glimpse of raw lust trying to burst into life in his eyes.

Her gentle words tore through the last bit of his reserve and he shook in her arms. Great, racking sobs wrenched from him like she reached inside and yanked them out with her fist. Everything dissolved inside him. Everything he would have sworn he believed or knew about himself. Gone. Everything he’d fought his whole life to obtain. Worthless. Everything he’d ever wanted or felt with another woman paled in comparison.

Mistaking The Maid Of Honor

Mistaking The Maid Of Honor - Tessa Bailey It's been a while since I read a Tessa Bailey Brazen and boy did I miss them! BTMOH is on sexy and hot book! My reader was on fire from the first scene on the patio right to the one in the solarium. But it's not just sexy and hot. In between the heat you get a real feel for the characters and their emotions. Back stories are delivered in bits and pieces and when they're put together you realize there's so much more to them than meets the eye at first glance. I love how she makes her characters take the journey from mere sexy, dirty heat to genuine feelings and how they sometimes unwillingly form an emotional bond that seems unbreakable.

Seriously! No one, NO ONE writes dirty talking heroes like Tessa Bailey. Her writing of the men who just ooze with possesiveness, protectiveness and so much of the good dirty they leap off the pages and demand you embrace them and allow them to take hold of your attention. But let's not forget the women that bring these men to their knees because as much as I was entranced by Reed in BTMOH, Julie definitely kept her own and gave as good as she got.

If you're a Tessa Bailey fan, this book should not be missed. It contains everything I love about her books and then some. She makes you feel hot and mushy at the same time and that's exactly how I want to feel when reading my romances.

Memorable Scenes:
- the one in the restaurant, on the ladder > are there words to describe how hot that was?
- the one at the hot spring > OMFG that was seriously hot!
- the one with the striptease > Djeez, I don't know how I survived the heat in that scene!

Favorite Quotes:
Settling his hands on either side of her, he brought his body within inches of hers. “I don’t do hair, pixie,” he rasped against her ear. “Unless you’d like it pulled.”

“I assure you, my sweet spot will remain a secret to you, no matter what rolls off your tongue.”
“Is that a fact?”
“Set in stone.”
“Come closer, then.” He crooked his finger at her. “Let
me talk in your ear for a while and we’ll see if you can keep your secrets, pixie.”

“Any other day, I’d let you get away with that little stunt. Not today. Not when winning means a private striptease from the girl who’s been keeping my cock permanently hard. A striptease that ends in me fucking her into next week.”

Once again, he’d had Julie in his arms, holding his pitiful, broken body against hers. For a brief second in time, he’d felt healed. Redeemed. Then he’d said something unforgivable. As if some subconscious, terrified part of him wanted to drive her away, when consciously, all he wanted was to crush her to him. Absorb her scent. Her light. Never let her go.

Dare to Resist

Dare to Resist - Laura Kaye 4,5 stars

DARE TO RESIST was the first work I've ever read by Laura Kaye I didn't know what to expect, it's safe to say I definitely wasn't disappointed, not disappointed at all! I read this story in one quick sitting and enjoyed it so much. Laura Kaye's writing really suits my reader needs as I totally loved this novella! It was witty, sexy and perfect!

I loved the story of Colton and Kady and in the span of 100+ pages I got rounded characters and a great romance, making me want to read more!

Memorable Scene:
- the one where Colton confronts Kady with the book > what follows is just OMG hot!

Favorite Quotes:
Need throbbed through his body, but his heart protested the lost promise of this moment even louder. Because he knew with Kady, sex would never just be about bodies and actions, it would be about feeling, connecting, sharing.

She knew exactly what she’d just missed. Colton Brooks kissed in an all-consuming way that stole her breath, demanded her surrender, and blocked everything else out until the only thing she saw or heard or felt or knew was his lips, his tongue, his hands, his body. Him.

The commands were like little shots of aphrodisiac, each one causing a slow burn on its own, but together, able to ignite something absolutely incendiary.

Deeper Than Need

Deeper Than Need - Shiloh Walker 3,5 stars
It's been a while since I read an RS with more than 3 POVs and the number of them had me a little frazzled at the beginning. Next to Noah and Trinity there are at least 8 other POVsand on top of those there were a lot of secondary characters (without their own POVs). With a lot of connections between them and one of them still not revealed at the end I was still a bit confused when the book ended.

After the novellas that started off this series I was really looking forward to the first full length book. Now I'm thinking I should have waited till all the full length books were out before reading. Because not only did all these POVs and the suspense have me rather confused, but I also reached the end and was none the wiser about a major happening in the book and a plotline I was hoping to get answers on. Also, I was still pretty much in the dark about the plot I suspect is going over to the next book or maybe even books.

Now I didn't mind this in the novellas as they were short and came out one right after the other. But the next full length is not coming out until the end of September!! When you have an ending that's rather abrupt and it doesn't give you the conclusion you wanted, it's too long a wait till the next book.

Though the above may give the impression I didn't enjoy this book, I really did. Because I love Shiloh Walker's writing and characterization and romance. The emotions burst from the pages and kept pulling me towards the book over and over. Characters chased by personal demons, sexy romance and a kid! Alcoholism, single parenthood, grief, guilt all form the background for the romance part of this romantic suspense. These elements all form the base of DEEPER THAN NEED and I loved that part of this book. Micah stole my heart from the first page!

So in conclusion, I didn't get the satisfaction of a rounded and concluded plot but I liked the romance, the characters and the emotions. I'll be on the lookout for the next book because I want my conclusion.

Favorite Quotes:
The demons that had chased after him were called guilt and grief and no amount of alcohol could silence their voices for long. No woman could ease the ache for any longer than it took to bring her to climax.

But how did you go about telling a preacher that you were dying of lust? She was going to burn in hell for this. There had to be some sort of law or commandment or something against lusting over preachers, right? She was certain of it. He was just so very, very pretty to look at.

And oh, man … he shifted a little and she caught sight of his chest. He had chest hair. A little dusting of it, just enough to feel so good. Trinity felt her fixation teeter on the edge of obsession, ready to topple over. How would it feel to curl her fingers in the light scattering of it, to have it rubbing over her breasts as he moved over her—

After This Night

After This Night - Lauren Blakely This last installment of Clay and Julia's story picks up right where it was left at the end of NIGHT AFTER NIGHT. And it ended at a rough pace for Julia. She couldn't give Clay what he wanted (her secret, her baggage from the past) and he breaks it off. And now Lauren Blakely has a little under 300 pages to make it right again and give me their HEA.

The plot gets more intersting with each book and I was wondering how Julia was going to fix the mess she unwillingly was mixed up in. Well, it was fixed and I loved how Lauren Blakely did it! Loved the conflict at the end and adored the resolution. It could have turned into a standard resolution but it wasn't. I was truly impressed with how it all played out.

AFTER THIS NIGHT was my favorite of the three stories about Julia and Clay and it was the perfect conclusion. I loved everything: the plot, the characters (including all the secondary ones), the writing, the sexy scenes...everything! I'm also looking forward to the next book in this series as these 3 books have catapulted it straight to my fave series list. I'm hoping for stories on Cam and Liam as they really caught my eye.

Memorable Scenes:
- the one with the phone call > uh huh you know exactly what kind of call I'm talking about! HOLY HOTNESS!
- the one in the bathroom at the wedding reception > DOUBLE HOLY HOTNESS!
- the one with the blindfold on the balcony > Clay simply killed me!

Favorite Quotes:
Then he saw a new email land in his inbox. From her. The subject line gave nothing away: Hi. But Pavlovian response kicked in, and he opened it before he could think. Because seeing her name still felt like a damn good thing, still held the promise of a sexy note, a naughty line, or a sweet nothing. But more than any of those options, it held the promise of her.

And his perfect hold on not thinking about Julia slipped through his fingers. One mention, one reminder of how he felt for her, and she came roaring back to the front of his mind. It was like a truck had slammed into his body, the weight and pressure of the memory of the woman he craved.

“What do you like about the way I kiss you?”
“Everything. Every single thing. Your lips are soft, and your stubble is rough, and you know exactly how to kiss me and make me melt for you,” she said, and something about her voice was different this time; needier, hungrier.

Now that he was here with her, he wasn’t thinking with his gut. He wasn’t thinking at all. He was feeling.
His whole body was humming, vibrating at a frequency only she could sense. His skin sizzled, and blood rushed hot through his veins. Nearness to her was an aphrodisiac.

“Don’t get any funny ideas, Mister.”
“It wasn’t a funny idea. More like a dirty one,” he said with a sly grin.

Electricity charged through her under his gaze. She wanted him to eat her up, to taste her, to touch her all over. Everywhere—this man needed to be everywhere on her body, in her body, in her heart, in her mind.

“She laughed. “You want me to whip up an impromptu cocktail? You don’t even like mixed drinks.”
“I might if you made me one, but I’d probably just want to lick it off of you,” he said, his dark eyes raking over her.
“You’re drunk.”
“I assure you, I would lick it off you sober, drunk, bone-tired, or sick as a dog,” he whispered in her ear, flicking the tip of his tongue over her earlobe.
“I’m changing your name to Captain PDA.”

Night After Night

Night After Night - Lauren Blakely 4,5 stars
The question I had at the end of the introductory novella of what the mysterious thing Julia did on her Tuesday nights was revelead immediately at the beginning of this book. I loved that as it was something that kept bugging me after finishing the novella.

The novella was just an introduction, this first book gave me the depth I missed in that first introduction and then some. The plot was interesting. I understood why Julia was doing what she was doing and the way she was doing it but I also wanted to yell at her to just tell Clay what was going on.

The romance developed from kinky no-strings-attached sex in the novella to a deeper and more emotional connection that was complemented by some really hot sex scenes that made me fan myself numerous times.

I'm really curious to find out how it's all going to play out in the conclusion of this trilogy. I'm sure it won't be long till it makes its way to the 'currently reading'-status.

Memorable Scenes:
- the one in the restaurant in NY > OMG! HOT! And you'll know which one I mean when you read it.
- the one with the lapdance > probably the hottest and sexiest one of the book
- the one on Julia's kitchen table > scorching!

Favorite Quotes:
He might have to spend the next forty-eight hours making her gasp and moan, groan and scream, because her noises were better than a cold drink on a hot day. The sounds she made fed him.

“The last time I did this to you, I tied you up, Julia. But this time I want your hands free tograb my face, pull hard on my hair, do whatever you need to do. You can fuck my face hard. When I get out of this car, I want to look like a man who was eating pussy.”

“Are you giving me an order?” She asked curiously, pushing her fingers through her hair that was still messy from sex. But she’d never minded sex hair. As far as she was concerned, it was a look that should be listed on the menu at all blow out salons. Updo, blown straight, or sex hair? I’ll take the sex hair, thank you very much.

“See, here’s the thing,” she said, holding up her hands, as if offering them for shackling. “You’ve been promising me these ropes, Clay, and my wrists are still achingly empty.”

He couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to taste her, to drown his mouth in her scent, to feel her wetness all over his face.
But more than that, he wanted her screams of passion to fill his ears. He wanted to see reckless desire smashing through her body. He wanted to control her pleasure.

“I will make you scream, Julia. I will make sure the neighbors know how good you’re about to get it.”

He pulled back to look her in the eyes. His voice was ragged. “I’m crazy about you, but right now I’m going to fuck you like I hate you. I need to fuck you angrily but don’t forget this, I’m crazy for you.”

Summer Wine

Summer Wine - Jess Dee Jess Dee and ménage were all the words I needed to click the pre-order button for SUMMER WINE before you could even blink!
And I was not disappointed. The ménage story exceeded my expectations, the dirty sexy was fabulously hot and the book contained so much info about wine that I (a non-wine drinker) now want to drink wine :)

My only complaint: it was too short! I wanted more Lily, Angus and Blake!

Favorite Quotes:
He glided his tongue over hers with a demanding, velvety heat, and lust exploded in Lily’s belly.

A woman in love with another man didn’t kiss the way Lily had just kissed him. Didn’t happily accept his tongue in her mouth and melt into his body as though trying to mold herself to him. She didn’t struggle to breathe or drag hard nipples against his chest either.

Desire, sweet and pure, burst through her. And Lily wanted. Just…wanted. Hungered for more. She shifted in her seat, ground down in an effort to subdue the sudden ache in her groin, the all-consuming need and emptiness.

Holy cow, his kisses! A nun would voluntarily lose her habit for one of those kisses.

Her heart was bursting, her world was right. Happiness descended along with the pleasure, encapsulating her in a warm bubble of pure joy.

“See, Angus, Blake and I may love each other.” She slipped her hand into Blake’s. “But you’re the glue that brought us together. And we’re gonna need that glue to hold us together.” She smiled shyly at him and slipped her other hand in Angus’s. “I might even be a little in love with the glue.”

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